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Things that should not be in your bedroom

Many times we gather things that we do not really need but we find it hard to get rid of them. If you get rid of the following, you will have a cleaner and tidy bedroom and you will gain a place of relaxation, relaxation and more quality sleep.
1. Office

Having a working space in the bedroom is not a very good idea. The room in the bedroom is designed to relax and recharge our batteries so thinking about the bills we have to pay definitely does not help.
2. Old pillows

The best way to test if a pillow is aging is to fold it when you let it see if it returns to its original position. If not, then it would be good to get a new one and trust us to sleep better
3. Things you do not need

In the end, it seems that your mother who always insisted on picking up your messy room was right. A bedroom that is not tidy leads to anxiety and less sleep. So it would be good to collect all the papers and stacks from items you do not really need and decide what to throw away, what you will give and what you will save.
4. Books you’ve already read

Certainly a good book can be the subject of discussion, but because the bedroom is not a place for your guests, it is a good idea to borrow the books you’ve read before falling asleep and your friends so that they can enjoy it.
5. Clothes you never wear

Admit it you do not need the ten white dresses that you have in your wardrobe so as to get you just space, gather whatever you wear seldom or never and give someone else who needs them the most.
6. Old cosmetics

Research from long-standing cosmetics has found traces of bacteria that can be dangerous, so make sure you throw away yours once they’re over.
7. Old Micro Devices

Like the cell phone you had 10 years ago, an alarm that does not work, your old laptop or a damaged cordless phone. All they add is clutter that as we have already said leads to stress and poor sleep quality.

8. Mobile phone

What about the reasons why the cell phone should be banned from the bedroom? It’s dirtier than your toilet seat, looking at your cell when you fall on your bed makes it hard to fall asleep, make less restful sleep and exposes you to radiation. Do you want other reasons?

9. Clothes you want to donate

Do you remember you rarely wear and you have collected to donate them? Do not forget the box in the bedroom as it will catch valuable space while it will be much more useful for others.

10. Things you keep under the bed

There is a chance that there is a whole box of shoes or other things that you have forgotten that exists. You probably do not use these things to lie under your bed but you may not have been able to throw them away so far. Probably it’s time to do it!

11. Candles you never light up

There are candles that you buy and light up, and others that simply exist and are left unused forever. You may have thought until recently that their container is very cute or that it is very nice for your bedroom but the only thing that makes this candle that you have not yet lit is to grab room and collect dust … a lot of dust.

12. Pile of receipts

We all have it. We throw a crumpled receipt into our drawer or on our bedside table and before we understand it we find a mute proof. If you do not intend to use them for tax purposes, just throw them away!