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The global trend for 2017 in colors

Famous designers worldwide reveal which colors and nuances this year will have in the decoration of your home, and while the answers vary from deep blue to bright yellow, the only sure thing is that in 2017 prevailing rich and intense colors. So if you want to refresh your space and your mood, take a look at our suggestions!



1. Green – Black


The color of the year is undoubtedly the green and especially its dark shades that are darker and more intense without giving the result of the black. It shows perfect on small surfaces, creating a strong contrast with the rest of the walls.

2. Yellow mustard


Mustard and turquoise colors are very common in open and sunny places. This yellow-orange shade, although intense, keeps the feeling of being natural in your home.


3. Cyan – light blue


It is timeless and combines splendidly with many other shades. It is very nice when used on surfaces that no one would expect, such as kitchen cabinets and its color is perfectly emphasized on glossy surfaces.


4. Yellow – Green


One of the favorite shades for 2017 is deep yellow-green. When the green is mixed with a bit of yellow it adds a touch of warmth to space and creates a sense of tranquility though it remains a vivid color.


5. Deep blue


People tend to look for the use of colors in their home and deep blue is a safe choice as it is a neutral color. It is particularly recommended in the children’s room, at the back of the library, as its intensity gives a lively tone in the room and adds a graphic backdrop to your child’s decorative and toys.


6. Yellow of the yolk


The trend of dark blue and gray walls over the past years has opened the way to a wide range of intense colors for 2017. The crocchie, as we are used to saying, is a color that creates warmth and gives a sense of exotic and mysterious space . It is suggested to be combined with turquoise shades and red for perfect contrasts.