ikon kitchens & interior design | Spring 2017-Refresh your home
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Spring 2017-Refresh your home

Spring is also officially in front of the gates and as we pass from the shady gray to the wonderful sunshine of our country, what better than to renew the interior of our home easily, quickly and economically? We found some of the latest trends for you and we present them to you!



Beyond the usual gold and silver, you can add the texture of copper to your room by giving a touch of style using copper objects or giving the feel of copper like vases, lamps or even chairs and cutlery.



Marble is a timeless and elegant choice for decorating our home, but as many of you know, our pocket does not always allow us to get it. So try to put a wallpaper that gives the feeling of marble and you will see that the result will be very stylish, will give a unexpected change in your home and especially … accessible!



Such a solution should not surprise you! Adding plants to our site such as those that even the busiest or beginner can look after as they are very durable, may be the revitalization that your house seeks after a cold winter.


Acrylic attracts more and more interest in the decoration of our home. We can find from modern tables and chairs to stylish frames. Especially recommended in small rooms of the house where the see-through appearance of acrylic furniture creates a sense of greater space.

HYGGE (rest)

Some will already know it and some others will not! However, hygge gains more and more fans and basically reflects the Danish lifestyle of simply living. If you want to follow a simpler way of decorating and living, all you have to do is fill your home with candles, cover your sofa with blankets and put some of your favorite books on your living room table.